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Hi! I'm Priyaa. I like to read, skate and pet the void deck cats. 

I started sharing my art online in 2018. With Inkipri, I try to house intimate, brutally vulnerable elements of real life into a whimsical and surreal visual worldscape.

I see my creatures as the insides-out of our human selves; they don band-aids and tears, even amidst the good, and wonkystars and tulips, even amidst the bad. There is always a clump of scribble on (or in!) their chest. Is it hollow or overbrimming? Is it a gaping pit of yearning or the cosmos spilling at its seams? That's for you to make out however you need to.

I hope to convey the one thing I'm forever fascinated by, that is: the human experience is more diverse than we can grasp but much, much more unified than we can fathom.

Thank you for being here, being loved and being!

Personal commissions are closed at the moment.
I am open for freelance work and brand collaborations.
(Email: inkipriart@gmail.com)

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